Bristol 411

Welcome to Bristol Cars

Bristol Cars is committed to preserving the heritage of our proud marque. The new management is determined to ensure that only the highest standards of quality and service are upheld.

To this end, facilities for sales, service, parts and restoration of classic cars are being dramatically refurbished and improved.

While the new luxury Bristol Car is in development, the company is proud to offer a selection of classic and contemporary motor cars for sale.

News in brief

New model 1955 Bristol 405 in our store

1:43 scale, hand-built metal model of the 1955 Bristol 405 in blue.

Career opportunities

Bristol Cars Services Ltd. would like to recruit a full-time Workshop Technician to work from their Brentford, west London facilities.

The Frazer-Nash group would like to recruit a full time, middle-weight Graphic Designer to work from their north Surrey headquarters.

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We have a number of very fine pre-owned Bristol cars from every decade since 1947.

Many have been restored to their full glory and we have a few examples of the marque that are ready for restoration...

The Future

The internal combustion engine has evolved to an unprecedented level of performance since those early pioneers first fired their machines

The Past

Sir George White Bt., (1854 - 1916), a ‘self-made’ entrepreneur and philanthropist introduced the first conventional electric tramways to Great Britain.

Bristol Tramway’s electric system opened in 1898...